dolphin pool

29 Mar

Imagine a swimming pool- with blown up sides, sides that my dad spent ages blowing up, with a blow up dolphin in the middle- blue- it looked nothing like a dolphin, the hose plugs into the pool, bits of grass floating into it- there is a. Sprinkler in the head of the dolphin that spits water at us as we jump through it, sometimes falling over on our way,its the end of the day- cool- the grass is there from where we ran through it- the freshly cut grass smell in the air. We would be damp. We would bring our towels outside with us and sit on the grass on our towels, sometimes going in the house through the living room and sitting on the brown sofa we had for ages and feeling the coolness of being indoors even though we shouldn’t tread mud through the house.

5 Mar

Me and Ben were determind to make a den! We hammered through the thorns at the bottom of the garden- it must have took a day, it was perfect- the conifers kept the grown-ups out. We had ourselves the perfect space


29 Feb

On a sunday sometimes me and my dad used to watch awful TV like ‘Bullseye’ which I never realy enjoyed- but there was nothing else on, and I loved spending time with him. I used to wonder why he was so hairy and when I would ask him he used to say, ‘someday you’ll be as hairy as me.’ He used to make the most amazing icecream drinks (floaters) in lemonade, it tasted devine- at least me and my sister thought so.

For Sale

29 Feb

The split was hard on us all. I can’t remember why but one day my dad went kind of mad and came around to our house in his car. He took his crook lock from his car and smashed the window in my moms car. It was when we were selling the house and he grabbed the for sale sign and chucked it at the house. It was really scary for us all.

Nobby and Daisy

29 Feb

Me and my sister got ducks- we called them Nobby and Daisy. They were both this metalic green colour mine was Nobby and my sisters was Daisy and we thought they were amazing when we got them. My dad made a cage for them and a small run, but would let them out in the day to enjoy the garden, hes really handy like that, he used to spend absolutely ages trying to get them in. He just be running around the garden like a mad man every night- which was so funny for all of us. One day one of them went missing. The other duck was so distressed and all alone so we took it to a pub called “The Railway”. It turns out it was actually eaten by a fox.


7 Feb

A wager with god,
Lead me not into temptation,
Leave me alone with my temptation
Judge my thoughts, and give me 10 hail marys…. PLEASE,
Tight walls and I’m kneeling down
I see your shadow through a showdowy grill,
“What are your sins?”
I spill the beans
….Well you asked,
Is this your idea of a joke?
Once I start I can’t stop,
And I fall into your silent trap
But things are different now,
Now I have the upper hand,
Now I know your sins,
And we all know what youve been up to
With your string of alter boys,
Making us all sick

the red escort

6 Feb

The family car was a red escort. It was a hefty thing that was cold in the winter, too hot in the summer. The windows you would have to roll down, which we could stick our heads out when we whizzed down the road before we was told that we should put it back in. We would take trips in the summer to go on holiday for a week and take way to many things with us. A load of books and toys really that we wouldn’t play with when we got there and meant that our legs would be squeezed between them and the chair. The oversized quilt cover covering us up and the radio station that would buzz as we went through different counties to be retuned. The child lock on the car which would sometimes be mistakingly flipped down leaving us locked in. The door that we would climb into after another boring day at school if my mom finished early, or she was picking us from the child minders. And most importantly the horn that beeped at us to hurry up after we’d been warned it would go without us if we didn’t get ready- we had to go